Temple Profile: Mandir Shri Bhani Nath Ji Ka Dhora
Location: Churu God Worshipped: Shri Bhani Nath Ji
District: Churu Road Distance from Jaipur: 205 kms
Built in the year: 1935 A.D. Nearest Airport: Jaipur (205 kms)
By Shri Kishan Nath Ji Nearest Rly. Station: Churu (6 kms)

Cause of Establishment:
The Principal Gaddi (Seat) of Nath sect is at Fatehpur. From this Gaddi Shri Kishan Nath came to Churu and to spread the message of Nath cult, he built it. On entering into the main building, one can not see stone images of the Nath who have been connected with this Gaddi. The fire place of dhuna and Shiva Panchyat are also there. All around tree have been grown with great care and they are pruned in a way that they look like around tombs.

Brief of the Diety:

There is a sacred fire place (dhuna) of the Nath Cult. Whenever any mendicant expires, he is buried here and tomb is built on his burial place.

Religious sect to which the temple belongs: Nath Sect
Architecture of the Temple:
Important Architectural Characteristics:

In the memory of the dead Naths their Samadhi (cenotaphs) have been built. here .

Material of Construction:

Lime Stone, Stone, Bricks etc.

Total Construction Time: 6 Months
Religious aspects of temple:

To look after the cenotaphs and to provide food and cloths to the visitors, Sadhu and others, It's also a regular activity to plant trees and ensure their growths.

Unique features of the temple:

To lookafter homeless and poor and to provide clothing's to the naked, water to man and animals, plantation of trees and preservation of Birds and Animals and to provide food to birds.

Festivals & Fairs in Temple (Main Events):
Morning Time:  

Evening Time:

Custom & Traditions of Temple:

Adherence to the doctrines of Nath cult and to serve the people without discrimination. The Temple can house the Mendicants, Sadhus, Naths and for them there are 15 to 20 rooms.

Vandana (If any particular) in text:

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