Temple Profile: Mandir Shri Shila Devi Ji
Location: Amer Fort, Amer God Worshipped: Goddess Shila Mata
District: Jaipur Road Distance from Jaipur: 10 Kms
Built in the year: 1580 A.D. Nearest Airport: Sanganer, Jaipur (23 km)
By Maharaja Sawai Mansingh I Nearest Rly. Station: Jaipur (15 km)

Cause of Establishment:Towards the end of sixteenth century, Maharaja Mansingh brought the statue of the goddess Shila Mata from the eastern part of Bengal. In the kingdom of Pratapaditya, Maharaja Mansingh received a defeat at the hands of king Kedar. Humiliated and depressed, the Maharaja worshipped goddess Kali to please her and receive her blessings so as to change his defeat into victory. Kali  appeared in a dream to bless him. The goddess also obtained a promise from the Maharaja that he would establish her shrine in his capital. The idol of goddess was recovered from sea in the form of a Shila (Slab) and it was brought to Amer when cleaned and washed, the present idol appeared. This is why the goddess is named as Shila Mata.

Brief of the Diety:

The idol is made of Shila or Stone Slab.

Religious sect to which the temple belongs:

The temple belongs to the Shakti cult of Hindus who worship Durga in her very many forms as goddess of power. Generation, preservation and destruction.

Architecture of the Temple:
Important Architectural Characteristics:

Immaculate workmanship has gone into the construction of the temple. Elegantly carved pillars, walls, panels show an exquisite depiction. Floral patterns and life like impression in the carved work bewitch the beholders.

Important Architectural Characteristics:

Extremely beautiful is the whole conception of the temple. Adherence to the principles of Vastu has made the temple an ideal work of architecture. The idol of goddess Durga (Shila Mata) commands great respect of people. Tourists of all countries come to see the temples. On Navaratras, special pooja is offered.


Material of Construction:

Lime Mortar, Stone and Marble

Total Construction Time: It took ten years to build the temple
Religious aspects of temple:

The temple has a worldwide renown. Among the temples of Devi Durga, this temple holds an important place.

Unique features of the temple:

The fort and the temple are on a hill covered with verdurous coverage. It is cozily nestled in the lap of mother nature. The surrounding hills of Amer reverberate when special Pooja is offered and drums are beaten. The visitors and tourist find that moment a most memorable life time experience.

Festivals & Fairs in Temple (Main Events):

In the bright half of the month of Ashwin and Chaitra, the first nine days are held sacred for religious Practices and ritualistic performances. The devotees, specially in this holy and auspicious period, offer special prayers. For all the nine day a constant stream of people can be seen and the sea of humanity assembled here evokes great and sublime thoughts of veneration of the mother goddess.

Morning Time: 6.00 am to 12.00 pm

Evening Time:

4.00 pm to 8.00 pm
Custom & Traditions of Temple:

In accordance with the tenets and rituals of Shakta cult, prayers are offered and Pooja performed. Recitation of Shri Durga Saptashati is also a regular feature. This treatise from the Markandeya Purana gives an account of Shri Durga's great exploits, her wars against demons and her veneration by all gods. The language is sublime and dignified.

Details of Temple:
Sanctrum:(Sanctorum) 1
Verandah: 4
Garbh Grah: 1 for Poojan
Rasoi: 1
Others: 1 Store & Hawan Grah
Vandana (If any particular) in text:
Hymns to Shri Durga, aarati song in her praise, recitation of Kavach, Arjala and Kalika Stotras, reading of Shri Durga Saptashat etc.

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