Temple Profile: Mandir Shri Kushal Bihari Ji Barsana
Location: Barsana (Mathura) U.P on Vindayachal Parwat God Worshipped: Lord Krishna and his consort Radha Rani
District: Mathura Road Distance from Jaipur: 240 Kms
Built in the year: Samvat 1870 (1813 AD) Nearest Airport: Agra (115 km)
By Maharaja Madho Singhji of Jaipur State. Nearest Rly. Station: Kose Kala (Mathura) (22 km)

Cause of Establishment:
  Maharaja Madho Singhji loved his head queen Shri Kushal Kanwarji fondly and the latter was strongly devoted to Lord Krishna. Out of her strong sentiments of dedication to Lorf Krishna and her faith in his divinity, the king wanted to build this temple constructed and today this temple holds a unique place in India. The king in fact built this temple in the memory of his queen Shri Kushal Kanwarji.

Brief of the Diety:

The temple has three sub-temples also. The main temple enshrines the black stone idol of Shri Kushal Behariji (Lord (Krishna) and an alloy idol of Shri Radha Rani, consort of Lord Krishna. Both the idols are 2 6 high. Side by side in the main temple, there are two idols of Shri Krishna and Radha also. While on the other side, there is a statue of Shri Hans Gopalji Maharaj and also those of Sanak, Sanandana, Sanatan and Sanat Kumar, sage Naradji, Acharya Nimbarkachayaji and Shri Niwasacharyaji.

Religious sect to which the temple belongs:

The temple belongs to the Nimbark Sampradaya of the Vaishnava Sect and worship is performed according to Nimbark traditions.

Architecture of the Temple:
Important Architectural Characteristics:

This temple was built with almond colour stone of Bansi Pahadpur of Bharatpur District. Situated on the top of Brahamachal Parvat, This temple in its almond color looks imposing and excellent. The two storeyed temple has got a beautiful interior which only they who enter the temple can appreciate.

Important Architectural Characteristics:

Around the main campus there are very high and strong ramparts and residential houses for Pujaris alongwith kitchens. Beautiful elegant carving work has been done on the stones and this would not be an exaggeration if it was said that the temple is one of the most beautiful temples of North India from the sculptural point of view.

Material of Construction:

The almond color stone of Bansi Pahadpur Bharatpur, building stone and lime mortar.

Total Construction Time: 14 years
Religious aspects of temple:

This temple is dedicated to the Nimbark Sampradaya. Nevertheless this is a center of faith of all Hindus who visit Barsana, the birth place of Radha Rani. The temple is on the way to Brij Chourasi Kos Yatra.

Unique features of the temple:

What is important about the temple is its commanding position. It is in almond color, which has been beautifully chiseled for carving work. Floral patterns, ornamental work, mosaic work, artifices, pillars, brackets, wall panels and above all the architectural and structural perfection of the temple are the unique features.

Festivals & Fairs in Temple (Main Events):

The establishment day or Anniversary (Patotsava), Krishna Janmashtami, Shri Radha Ashtami, Gopashtami, Annakoota, Deepawali. All these are the important festivals observed here.

Morning Time: 5.00 AM

Evening Time:

10.00 PM
Custom & Traditions of Temple:

The customs and traditions are reflected in the performance of Pooja, observance of festivals and general atmosphere of the temple.

Details of Temple:
Sanctrum: 64' 6" X 78' 3"
Verandah: 58' 6" X 10' 6"
Rasoi: 20'4" X 30'-4"
Others: Circumambulatory path, Residence of Pujari
Vandana (If any particular) in text:

Prayers and worship rituals as ordained by Nimbark Sampradaya are observed.

Issues requiring global attention for conservation, protection and improvement of the temple:

The temple is one of the best temples of North India because of its location on the top of the hill. This is a heritage temple worth seeing and worth careful preservation. The greatness and splendor of the temple is so high that it should be given a place of dignity in the world heritage. For the development of surrounding every effort should be made. Since the number of visitors is very high, therefore, dharmshalas and lodgings should be in enough number to meet the demands of the travelers.

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